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Login Name. Forgot your password? You are here: Publications Air and Health - Local authorities, Info Conclusion PDF. This website has limited functionality with javascript off. Please make sure javascript is enabled in your browser. Local authorities, health and environment AIR AND HEALTH Conclusion The health of the public, especially those who are the most vulnerable, such as children, the elderly and the sick, is at risk from air pollution, but it is difficult to say how large the risk is.

Plastic Pollution. Laxmi Prasad Boda is a B. He can be contacted at laxmiprasad[at]gmail[dot]com. Do you have a flair for writing? Interested in environmental issues?

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Image credit. Read more articles on Sustainable living from here. Air Pollution Levels at Delhi. Yes environmental pollution is biggest problem we are facing now. Pollution mainly caused byFfactories and automobiles. By following simple and easy tips we can minimise the pollutants in the environment.

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Also Read: Bioremediation- The New Age Cleansing Technology of the Environment Every action or inaction of any person in regard to her or his surroundings has an effect- be it good, neutral or bad- on the environment. Use unleaded gasoline in your cars. Keep your car properly maintained to keep it in good running condition to avoid smoke emissions.

Share a ride or engage in car pooling. Instead of using your cars, choose to walk or ride a bicycle whenever possible. With this eco-friendly practice, you will also be healthier and happier by staying fit. Never use open fires to dispose of wastes. Adopt the 3Rs of solid waste management: reduce, reuse and recycle. Inorganic materials such as metals, glass and plastic ; also organic materials like paper, can be reclaimed and recycled. This takes into account that the proven solution to the problem of proper waste management especially in third world countries is proper disposal in waste bins for collection and not in the street where it could fall into drains , waste segregation and collection, and recycling.

Start composting brown leaves in your yard and green scraps from your kitchen. It will reduce waste while improving your yard and garden soils. Reconnect with nature. Live green by using green power supplied abundantly and freely by wind and the sun. Hang your laundry to dry to minimize use of gas or electricity from your dryers.

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Indoor Air Quality

Enjoy fresh air from open windows to lessen the use of air conditioning system. Patronize local foods and goods. In this manner, transporting goods and foods prepared with GMOs which uses fuel from conventional energy sources will be minimized. It causes global warming, acid rains, respiratory and heart problems, and eutrophication. A lot of wildlife species are forced to change their habitat in order to survive. Soil pollution occurs when the presence of pollutants, contaminants, and toxic chemicals in the soil is in high concentration that has negative effect on wildlife, plants, humans, and ground water.

Industrial activity, waste disposal, agricultural activities, acid rain, and accidental oil spill are the main causes of soil pollution. This type of contamination influence health of humans, affects the growth of plants, decreases soil fertility, and changes the soil structure.

Atmospheric pollution

Water pollution is able to lead our world on a path of destruction. Water is one of the greatest natural resources of the whole humanity. Nothing will be able to live without water. However, we do not appreciate this gift of nature and pollute it without thinking. The key causes of the water pollution are: industrial waste, mining activities, sewage and waste water, accidental oil leakage, marine dumping, chemical pesticides and fertilizers, burning of fossil fuels, animal waste, urban development, global warming, radioactive waste, and leakage from sewer lines.

There is less water available for drinking, cooking, irrigating crops, and washing. Light pollution occurs because of the prominent excess illumination in some areas. They have deadly effects on many creatures including mammals, plants, amphibians, insects, and birds.

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Every year many bird species die colliding with needlessly illuminated buildings. Moreover, artificial lights can lead baby sea turtles to their demise. Noise pollution takes place when noise and unpleasant sounds cause temporary disruption in the natural balance. It is usually caused by industrialization, social events, poor urban planning, household chores, transportation, and construction activities. Noise pollution leads to hearing problems, health issues, cardiovascular issues, sleeping disorders, and trouble communicating.

Moreover, it affects wildlife a lot. Some animals may suffer from hearing loss while others become inefficient at hunting. It is very important to understand noise pollution in order to lower its impact on the environment. Radioactive pollution is the presence of radioactive substances in the environment. It is highly dangerous when it occurs. Radioactive contamination can be caused by breaches at nuclear power plants or improper transport of radioactive chemicals.

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Radioactive material should be handled with great care as radiation destroys cells in living organisms that can result in illness or even death. Environmental pollution has negatively affected the life of both animals and human-beings. The only way to control current environmental issues is to implement conservation methods and create sustainable development strategies. We should find some effective solutions in order to restore our ecological balance. First of all, we should make sustainable transportation choices. We should take advantage of public transportation, walk or ride bikes whenever possible, consolidate our trips, and consider purchasing an electric car.

It is very important to make sustainable food choices.