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Justice and Vengeance in The Oresteia

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What is Social Justice?

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Justice and the Oresteia | American Political Science Review | Cambridge Core

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Sign up to view the complete essay. Show me the full essay. Begun as a religious observance in honour of Dionysus, Greek tragedy reflected the central values of the culture. It was during the short but historically influential reign of Pericles in the 5th century B.

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This gripping series of three plays tells of the endless cycles of violence unleashed in the House of Atreus, which stretch across several generations. The curse on the descendants of Atreus is ended only by the intervention of the goddess Athene, described by Aeschylus in the "Eumenides", where Orestes' trial by jury due her and Apollo's intervention restores a much-needed civilizing influence to this classic blood feud.

In "Agamemnon" the king returns from the Trojan War with his new consort, the clairvoyant prophetess Cassandra, only to be murdered in his bath by his wife Clytemnestra, who hates him for sacrificing their daughter Iphigenia to appease the goddess Artemis.

Justice and Aeschylus' Oresteia

In a futher plot wrinkle, she is aided by Aegisthus, son of Atreus' brother Thyestes, who has the double motive of avenging Atreus' murder of his two brothers, whom he subsequently fed to Thyestes and seizing the kingdom of Argos for himself. The theme of the "Libation Bearers" recounts the consequences of the oracle's decree that Orestes, the young son of Agamemnon, avenge his father's deat All Rights Reserved.

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Oresteia - The Issue of Justice in Aeschylus' Eumenides Essay