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Another type of academic assignment in the sphere of tourism is writing a proposal: a student needs to develop a detailed plan of a certain activity for example, opening a hotel at a popular resort , including an estimated budget, arguments in favor of the decisions proposed, steps needed to accomplish each of the intermediate goals set in the plan, expected revenues and expenses, and so on.

And, of course, there are tourism essays—a more or less common type of assignment, in which a student is required to demonstrate their critical thinking skills and the ability to come up with coherent arguments. Luckily, tourism papers are not just about the hotel business, developing new tourist destinations, or researching problems existing resorts face.

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For example, a student can be required to write a travelogue about their recent trip, or analyze the problems a traveller may face during their journeys, or focus on the psychological aspects of moving between multiple countries, and so on. Such assignments help develop imagination and attentiveness to detail, as well as analytical and critical thinking skills.


Considering the fact that tourism is such a broad subject, the variety of topics one can choose from is astonishing. Other topics for an essay on tourism can sound like:.

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This is only a narrow shear of topics a student studying the tourism business can choose from when writing a tourism paper. At Proessaywritings. Having to deal with a large number of assignments on a daily basis and getting prepared for classes can leave students with no free time. Rather often, you can find yourself in situations when you have so many tasks to do that you have to ignore some of them in order to be able to complete the others.

The Tourism Industry Tourism is regarded as one of the most efficient, organised and marketed commodities in the world.

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The World Trade Organisation definition of tourism is activities that require travel from home and staying away from home for at least 24 hours. It not only includes. Home Page Research The tourism industry Essay.

The tourism industry Essay Words 3 Pages. Tourism is a major economic and social significant that has been recognized in both developed and developing countries. Tourism is the temporary movement of people to destinations outside their normal places of work and residence. The activities undertaken during their stay in these destinations by facilities are meant to cater the needs of the consumer.

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The act of traveling for pleasure is a luxury. Until recently only a restricted few had the time and money to travel.

Increasing leisure, higher incomes and greatly enhanced mobility have combined to enable more people to partake in travel. The concept of wide-scale travel away from home is a relatively new phenomenon.


In the past few people enjoyed free time, and any was usually …show more content…. It is necessary to know what people consider a need so that we can discover how these can be fulfilled. These can include: physiological needs ex. People are motivated to travel t leave behind the personal or interpersonal problems of their environment and to obtain personal or interpersonal rewards. The personal rewards are mainly sense of competence, challenge, learning, exploration and relaxation. The interpersonal rewards surface from social interaction. Both as an industry and as a social phenomenon, tourism is renowned for the speed and scale of change.

But at the dawn of the twenty-first century, the challenges of change seem more daunting than ever.

Writing tourism Research Paper :20 Topics and Ideas

These are especially evident in terms of globalization, the new consumer, and the democratic challenge. Globalization represents the intensification of the linkages between places, which increasingly shape the global as well as being shaped by it.

Above all it signifies the deepening of competition in the tourism industry, as both the reach of transnational.