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Drug offenders made up Which is up from Drug dealers become the most clearly successful people in these communities. They are the ones with the money, clothes, and cars. Social order is turned upside down when the most successful people in a community are criminals. The drug war makes peace and prosperity almost impossible in inner cities Boaz. Legalization of marijuana would bring with it government controls. This would guarantee a safe supply of marijuana that is free of any unknown substances.

Argumentative Essay: Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

It would also provide a known and consistent potency and price, rather than force users to deal with the underground economy. This is just like how alcohol, tobacco and over the counter and prescription drugs are regulated. There would also be the added bonus of drug tax revenue. Drug prohibition is a great example of throwing money at a problem. Which is all to little success.

Medical Marijuana: Should Be Legalized or Not? | Teen Ink

Which was an increase of 13 percent over , and there is every reason to believe that state and local expenses have risen to this day. Other expenses include the numerous anti-drug advertisements and funding for jailing since the majority of convicted criminals are drug offenders.

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Barry McCaffrey states in his article that decriminalizing drug use would have serious consequences. According to McCaffrey, drug use is associated with higher rates of violence and child abuse, and increasing the availability of drugs would make such problems much worse. In actuality having drugs illegal causes more violence due to the crimes committed by the underground community.

It is also commonly argued that addicts would be less likely to receive treatment if drugs were no longer illegal, because they would not be forced to by the law, but it would be more meaningful if it was done for one's self and not for the law. Many people think that the United States should not encourage "risky and self-destructive" behavior by legalizing marijuana of any sort, although it has a calming effect on most users. Ending the prohibition on marijuana would save us money, help prosper the medical field, and eliminate an unsafe underground community. The legalization of marijuana would have a very great and positive impact on today's society.

A doctor's case for medical marijuana - David Casarett

Voters and congress alike, must learn of these benefit's which the end of marijuana prohibition would bring. The more people that realize this, the further we are on bettering our society.

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Legalization of marijuana argumentative essay

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Medical Marijuana

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