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The conclusion of the novel is enough to raise serious doubts about the integrity of the theory, for all of the characters end up happily and heterosexually paired off. Is this merely to satisfy the traditional Victorian audience?

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Is it an attempt by Braddon to resolve the aforementioned issues, at least in her own conscience? The answer remains unclear. In addition, the role of Alicia Audley — a seemingly masculine and aggressively forward character — remains in conflict with the feminine power theory. Yet she ends up assuming a feminine role in caring for her father, and then marries Sir Harry. Was it insulting of Braddon to only allow women to acquire power and manage their destinies by manipulating their social and domestic sphere? Braddon, Mary Elizabeth. Natalie M.

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Lady Audley's Secret

Your time is important. Get essay help. Accessed 19 October Power of a woman in marriage. April It dictates how society acts towards her and, yet, controls her roles within society. It raises her to positions of power, but puts her at a disadvantage as well. Eventually, this beauty that camouflages her ugly inside leads to her downfall.

Mary Braddon uses this downfall to point out that society, taking advantage of beauty, causes this fall. Lady Audley is only ever described through her appearance and actions. As she never gives credence to the brains or inner soul of women, Braddon projects the typical attitude of males in Victorian England onto her novel that women are not meant to think or act. Her genius though is obscured so she can maintain her advantageous position in the male-run society.

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Would she have risen from poverty to her current position of respectability and wealth if she had been ugly? Braddon answers this with Phoebe, the previous maid of Lady Audley. Phoebe, although pretty and smart, is not as beautiful as Lady Audley and has none of her wonderful charms like being well spoken or gracious in public.

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