Is divorce harmful to children essay

Another research shows that Old aged parents over the age of 70 years or with disabilities are less likely to care and affection from their stepchildren compared to the biological children. Biological children are likely to provide affection three or four times compared to the stepchildren.

Pezzin, Pollak and Schone, Divorce may be a form of relief to the partners from a burdened marriages. One will get the time and freedom to do whatever one wishes without fear of any obligations, relief from annoying in-laws. However, according to the sociologist, Victims of the divorce inherent various longterm economic, physical, mental health and social consequences.

Anger arising from the divorce may introduce one into crimes and sink into drug abuse in order to overcome the emotions. Individuals may experience stress, mood swings, irritability or depression.

Minimizing the effects of divorce in children

When couples separate, their joint economy is separated and will likely to weaken thereafter. This is due to the increased expenses of running the household separately as well as the cost occurred during divorce and thereafter. Divorce has devastating effects on family income and on the future generation.

Example, family income for children living with both parents is averaged at dollars compared to income for children living with divorced parent corresponding to dollars. Divorce also reduces the household net worth substantially. The nucleus and the building unit of the society is the family setup. Breakdown of marriage will hence threaten society stability what image does divorce parents display to the society, to the children who look upon the divorcing parents and to the young copies out there who are about to get married.

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It leads to questioning whether marriages are worthwhile or are families important anyway. To the sociologist, marriage does more than just union of two people. It provides hope for the society to thrive and become productive. According to legal zoom article, society that hopes to flourish and perpetuate needs to honor the a normal family unit and rear children every responsible manner.

Vrouvas Divorce breed poverty to the society particular to children and to the ladies who surrendered their jobs to marriage and are later left helpless.

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Research also shows that divorce may deliberate on from the slavery of abuse, torture and safe one from the negative influence of bad partner. It gives one a freedom of life to choose what one feels to do with or her life without having any obligation ties. Divorce is only advantageous when the marriage is high conflict and separation is the only way to keep the children from the physical and mental torture and hostile environment.

The child will also become less prone to addiction. Divorce is the most difficult period during the life of a married couple. Marriages will never be smooth always and disagreement will always be evident in any marriage, however, divorce should not be the answers to the problems, couples are advised to use other ways of settling their disagreements with help of marriage experts. Research carried at the University of Chicago shows that couple is no happier than before the divorce. People who marry similar spouses are less likely to divorce.

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The Effects Of Divorce Children And Young People Essay

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Mandemakers, J. Oldham, J. Divorce, Separation and the Distribution of Property. Law Journal Press. Pezzin, L. However, how divorce is likely to affect children is an issue that should be looked into. However, some parents are keen to promote the wellbeing of their children even after they have gone through the divorce. Notably, divorce will affect children at all ages if it is not carefully handled by the parents.

Most of the times, divorce comes with anger resentment and sometimes brings about hatred between the parents. Therefore, they have no time to look or consider the effects it would have on the children. To start with, divorce is stressing for children as much as it is for parents. However, the situation could be worse for children since they may not understand what parents are going through.

Many children are used to staying with both of their parents. Therefore, they feel sad and unhappy when seeing them separate or divorce. Children can only wish to stay with either parent if there was a lot of conflicts, quarrel, arguments and physical violence at home. In short, less money due to these disruptions may lead to more problems for children because of the stress that change creates. The fourth area where divorce has a major impact on children is the economic losses that it creates.

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Studies have shown that custodial mothers often face dramatic economic losses following divorce, leading to feelings of stress that adversely affects parenting. Researchers believe that divorce is disruptive for children largely because the custodial parent faces a significant amount of economic stress in the time period immediately following the divorce Furstenberg It is important to remember that not all of the effects mentioned in the studies above will be experienced by all children of divorce and those problems that do emerge can be made less intense with further education, nurturing, good communication, and lots of love.

Divorce not only affects the child ren emotionally but it takes a toll on the parent- child relationship. Children dealing with divorce are often left with a lot of questions because they are going through something they have never experienced before. It is important to answer every question that might arise in order for the child to better understand what is going on. Change is hard and the fear of the unknown can be difficult for children to handle on their own. Both parents need to try to make this new adjustment period as comfortable for the children as possible Schor, So therefore, it is up to the parents to help their child ren to cope with the divorce and try to prevent this from happening.

There are two general channels that can be taken to help the child ren deal with the divorce experience. They are parental effort and outside help.

Role of Parents in Children’s Life: Essay About Divorce

Avoid talking to your child ren about the divorce situation or any financial woes that you may be experiencing. It is best for your child ren to continue to be neutral to both parents. You should also not use your child ren as a messenger to see what the other parent is up to. This can make your child feel stressed and feel like they are betraying their other parent.

It only disappoints them and causes them not to trust you. Both parents need to try to avoid bad mouthing the other parent in front of the child ren. This may prevent the child from feeling stressed out about double loyalties. You need to keep a sense of normalcy for your child so that they can feel that their lives have some stability after such a drastic change in their living situations.

The parents should keep the lines of communication open with their child ren and never stop attempting to make contact with their child ren. Most children want to make both parents happy, and it is up to the parents to make this an easy task. As for the outside help avenue, this is a route to take when the parental effort is not helping.

Parents should consider seeking professional help when their child is having problems accepting reality about the divorce or seem to be going through some serious behavioral changes. Meeting with a psychiatrist or a counselor who specializes in divorce can be very beneficial for everyone involved. All in all, children can be severely traumatized by divorce. Many of the effects felt can be long lasting or some may go away within a few weeks.

If the divorce is nasty or is prolonged due to a custody battle, then the effects can last a lifetime.

Effects of Divorce on Children (Visual Essay)

Children face many issues when going through a divorce. These problems can last forever in a child, even into adulthood. When children have to go through a divorce, they deal with issues regarding their self-esteem. They may feel like they caused the divorce themselves. If these issues are not addressed early on, they can be long lasting and when developing, the older child will have low self-esteem. This can lead to poor grades in school, little to no friends, using drugs, and trouble in the streets. Another issue children deal with when going through a divorce is in the area of security.

The child ren may develop fears that both parents will abandon him or her.